What is Acroplia?

Acroplia is a comprehensive and intuitive life-long learning platform and marketplace. Members are easily able to create, monitor, and share multi-sensory practice tests and lessons. Do you need to understand Photoshop or dancing? Not a problem, just find the right teacher on our platform and he or she will be happy to explain the essence of working in the editor or show “Guapea” in salsa to you.


Essentially any subject can be accessed within a supportive community.

1. Signing up

On the start page in the upper right corner you will find the “Sign in” button. Just click it and start your new story with us!



You can join us through email or account Google and VK.

If this is your first step in working with us, then click the “Join” button. The process is simple: just enter your email, date of birth and “Join Acroplia”!




*Please note that a person who is already 13 years old can sign up for Acroplia. In accordance with the law COPPA.


2. Welcome to Acroplia! Profile information.



After you enter the code or follow the link, a window will open in which you fill in all the fields to tell about yourself in your profile.

Password is optional at this point. You can create it later.

3. Can I log in without a password? What is a “magic link“?

Sure! For member’s convenience, we have created a “magic link” that will help you access to profile without a password.

Sounds unusual right?

But we did it.

Just the next time you log out of profile, click “Sign in without password”. “Magic link” will come to your email, click on it and continue to work with your dancing courses.



Congratulations! The first stage you went through.

Let’s get to work!

1. Work with profile settings

In your profile window, you can set a password and change the default settings.





Here you can change the password, name, url. Set up notifications.

Everything is simple here, the main thing is to know what you want 🙂




In the future, we will launch our own personal Market Place, where you can sell your training materials.

2. How do I start conversation with people in Acroplia?

On the main page, you can add your friends and immediately start a conversation with them or create a community where you will start working with students.


3. Invitation for new users: How to invite an unregistered user to and start a chat with him?

Open your profile settings in the right corner and copy the link to your profile.

Send it to a friend in any convenient way.



1. My Desk

My Desk: the area where you work with yourself. Here you can create the same content as in the communities, but in this case it will be private. Your personal workspace.






2. Connect

Connect: here you can chat with your friends, students, colleagues. Create documents together and work on them together.



In this video you will find out why need – Connect – and how to work with it.

3. Community

Created for communication between groups of people or students.

You can create many interest Communities and invite people. In each community, you can create Rooms on different topics in which you will check homework, chat about difficulties in completing homework.




How can I create my own Community?

To do this, you need to go to the “Community” tab. Select “Create Community”.

Then you will see the creation window, where you enter name, can select the visibility settings and change the background.








Congratulations, you created your first community!




Now you can invite participants, they will see a notification of the invitation in the upper right corner and will also receive it in the mail in the letter.







1. Notes

Here you can write text and work with it, make lists, schedules, mark them, add pictures, links.

This is your personal document that will help you organize information.

In the simple menu at the top, you can easily understand how to work with text.








2. Quest – how will he help me in learning?

Surely many of us are familiar with Quests.

On our platform, this functionality will help you in training, development, and game.

Create cards, add questions, answer them and check your students. They can be tested, learn new material.



Here you can give a name to your future quest, write questions and answers, add pictures so that it is beautiful and clear.



Click “Play” and look at “Play options”. If you want, you can sell Quests for students. Thus, you can get paid for your work in exchange for knowledge.




3. Ideaboard

In Ideaboard you can add pictures that will show your material, draw, add text and work together with your students.


4. PDF Board

Download the PDF file directly from your computer to Acroplia and work with it together.

You can edit it, draw on it, move around.



Download a book, presentation, photos in PDF format and show your students the formulas and the correct setting of feet in salsa. (not working now)

5. Folder or Collection

The difference between “Folder” and “Collection”

Folder – information storage, or rather storage of files and other folders. A folder may contain files of various types: text, graphics, music, video, etc. A folder is created in order to somehow organize information, organize files and folders.


Collection – an ordered list of files located in different folders organized in sections or without them.


In the video below, we will look at how to create a folder and collection, and how they differ.



Remember that any material we can add to the collection in the Library.

How can I change Backgrounds?


You can change the background. To do this, go to the right side of the screen, click on three dots and select “Change background”.







You can change the background of rooms in communities and rooms in p2p chat.


1. Types of Video Conferences

You can organize a video conference “p2p” and in the community room.

In the room you can add a large number of users.

Do you want to make a lesson with 10 students at one moment? No problem, just create a group call in the room and work together right away.











So the call is begining, you accidentally closed the invitation. Or they opened a tab in another browser, and in the room your colleagues are already talking.

2. Group call or video conference – can I join yourself?

You can organize a video conference “p2p” and in the community room.

In the room you can add a large number of users.


Do you want to make a lesson with 10 students at one moment? No problem, just create a group call in the room and work together right away.


So the call is beginning, you accidentally closed the invitation. Or they opened a tab in another browser, and in the room your colleagues are already talking.


1. Other participant don’t hear/see me

As a rule, we configure the camera and microphone in a similar way.

Using the example of microphone settings, we will look at how to turn on both the microphone and the camera so that they work correctly in Acroplia.


In this case, you need to check if your microphone or camera is turned on.

1 – the microphone can be muted in the browser;

2- can be disabled on your PC;

3 – It also happens that there is simply no microphone. The participant will not be able to hear you. So you need to buy a microphone, plug it in and start a conversation 🙂

4 – Please, check the state of the microphone itself in the computer settings or in other applications. Perhaps the microphone itself has broken and it needs to be fixed to make the sound.


How to turn on the microphone in the browser

  • Settings → Advanced → Site Settings → Microphone (or in the address bar, type chrome://settings/content/microphone and press Enter)

chrome://settings/content/camera – for camera.




To enable the microphone on a specific site, click on the lock on the left in the address bar and select Site Settings → Microphone → select the desired resolution.


To use alerts to allow and deny access to the camera and microphone for a site that uses these features:

1)Open Firefox and go to the desired site.

2)A pop-up window will appear to confirm whether you want to provide access to the camera and microphone for this site. In the drop-down lists, your camera and microphone will be selected by default.




3)Select a different camera and / or microphone, if necessary.

4)Check the “Remember this solution” box if you want Firefox to remember your settings for this site so that they can be used by default in the future.

5)Click the “Allow button” if you want to allow access to these devices for the site.

6)Click the “Deny button” if you do not want to allow access to these devices for the site.

Using the Firefox Address Bar to Change Camera and Microphone Permissions for a Site

Click on the icon that appears in the address bar on the left.


All relevant permission statuses for the current site are displayed in the “Permissions” section of the dropdown panel.

Browser settings (options)
  • Click the menu button and select “Options”.
  • Click on “Privacy and Security” in the left menu.

Scroll to the Permissions section or you can find “microphone” in the search bar above.

  • Enter the website address in the “Search field” to find the site you want to give access to your camera.
  • Press the key “Enter”



In Safari on your Mac, choose Safari → Preferences, then click Websites.




Also in the line of the browser itself you can turn devices on and off.



How to turn on the microphone on the computer?

The process will depend on which version you are working.

Consider the example of one of the most popular systems at this moment – Windows 10.

To install a new microphone, do the following:

  • Right-click (or press and hold) the volume icon on the taskbar, and then select “Sound Options”
  • In the window that opens, select the desired microphone for “Input”.


How to turn on the microphone on the Mac?

  • First, click on the “apple” from the top left.
  • Select “System Settings”. There we click on “Sound”.
  • In the window that opens, select “Input” and configure the microphone.
  • Check if the built-in microphone picks up the signal.
  • We adjust the input signal level to the desired level.
  • Adjust the volume level of the microphone.

After that, everything should work. The built-in microphone does not need separate drivers, there are practically no problems with them. And if after setting up the microphone still does not work, be sure to check if applications that require access to it are open. For example, if you want to call, and you have GarageBand open, there is a conflict of use of the device.

2. Other person cannot hear me

  1. Check the volume on the computer or if the speakers are turned on.
  2. Try logging into the conference.
  3. Otherwise – write to us – we will solve this problem.
  4. Also make sure all permissions on the page are enabled:



5.Remember! You should always have a stable internet connection.


1. I created a new note, Ideaboard, or PDF – can everyone see it? Can I restrict access?

To change access you need to select the material, find a special button on the right side of the screen.


Set the access settings as shown in the screenshot.


You can choose what these users can do, add new ones, delete existing ones.


For safety, we have predicted this. Notifications about changes in access will be sent to participants in notifications.



2. Invite collaborators



In each type of content you can see a special button. What does it mean?

Suppose you have created content and want to notify users that they see and read it.

Just click the “Invite collaborators” button and room participants will be able to receive a notification on their page that they have content that they can watch.





3. Why do I need 3 workspaces ?

For your convenience, we have created 3 workspaces:

  • 1 main – in the center,
  • 2 – on the right,
  • 3 – you can open as a chat.


Why did we create this?

1 – the central area allows you to conveniently work and create your content. Work with rooms.

2 – the right area allows you not to be distracted from working with content and chat with other users. You can also open content in it.

3 – you can open a dialogue with a third person as well. Thus, it speeds up your work and you can do more.


4. Following – how can I turn on it?


Unique functionality – Following!

Suppose you want that students not to be distracted from work and not to lose you among the three work areas → Turn on – Following.

Now the room participants will be able to see where you are moving and what documents you are doing, add pictures and so on.

Want to show only 1 worker? Easy, just pick this and accept:



You can also select 2 areas at the same time, users will see everything that you do, so it will be easier for them to monitor the progress of materials.


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